Try the corian kitchen

If you are looking for the most up to date, stylish work surface to install in your new bespoke kitchen you can’t go far wrong with Corian. First produced in the late 1960’s it is by no means a new product. In the past it has generally been used in hospitals, offices and shops, appreciated for it’s versatility and naturally hygienic properties. Yet it has taken until now for it to be utilized to it’s full potential and for the domestic customer to take advantage of it’s unique qualities. So what is it that makes Corian such an ideal choice in the home kitchen? Mascari have become great designers by creating the perfect all corian kitchen. You can see it here.



Firstly, Corian is completely flexible to your needs. It can be moulded and shaped in any way to fit effortlessly into any space. This makes it an exciting and inspiring material for designers to explore, giving them the unique opportunity to let their imaginations run away with them. The huge range of colour options and varying thickness’s that can be thin enough to allow for an almost translucent finish mean that light can bounce straight through creating some fantastic illusions.

For those who particularly appreciate a streamlined, minimalist style corian is the perfect material as it can be perfectly moulded so there are no visible joins and even the kitchen sink can be fully integrated into the mould. This also helps to minimise the build up of dirt and bacteria within those  awkward crevices that can often be so difficult to keep clean. Corian s non porous, so spillages do not seep into the material for this reason it is difficult to cause and significant damage the appearance. However as Corian is essentially a natural product it’s construction is consistent throughout, this not only makes it incredibly strong and durable but it allows any signs of staining or tarnishing to simply be scrubbed away without too much effort. Corian is a product that will last a lifetime.

As a modern design material Coran is really coming of age. No longer is it simply seen as an ideal solution for business or commercial  premises it is now available to the homeowner as well. Many designers are now exploring its versatility even further using it to produce lighting, furniture and a whole range of visually stunning interior effects.


Corian is sure to become an increasingly popular choice for the design conscious homeowner looking for the perfect work surface material to complement their overall luxury kitchen design, but at present it is relatively new to domestic customers. It is true you get what you pay for, and for this reason Corian does not come cheap .It is a high end material for those fortunate enough to be creating their ultimate bespoke kitchen design. A product that displays luxurious style and creates a lasting impression.